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ARTEC Performance Australia

GR Corolla / GR Yaris G16 Bolt on Turbo Kit

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Introducing our new GR16 Bolt on turbo kit! From what we know this is the first in the world as a total bolt on solution that can retain the use of the OEM ECU, emissions equipment, intercooler piping and intake pipe.


We have also developed a Dry carbon intake that can be used with stock turbochargers our ours, as well as be used with other aftermarket air intake kits. The kits will allow power outputs initially from 450 (Hub HP) and will increase to 600hp versions. We have developed multiple Turbine housing A/R's and we will have 2 Compressor cover options. The first being a bolt on design as shown, the 2nd will be for higher outputs known as the "Drag" comp cover.

The Carbon air intake like our other Dry Carbon products are produced using nothing but billet moulds and a proprietary high pressure curing process. The turbochargers will feature @garrettmotion rotating assemblies and @turbosmarthq Artec edition BOV's.

We have been running a prototype system Tuned by @powertuneaustralia for close to 18 months with amazing results. @evolutionracingspares looks after our test car. This has been our most complex design yet because of how many details that needed to be addressed.