New Product Release: Mitsubishi Evo X 4B11T 3.5" Dump and Front Pipe

New Product Release: Mitsubishi Evo X 4B11T 3.5" Dump and Front Pipe

Introducing the new ARTEC Mitsubishi Evo X Dump, Front and Mid Pipe!

With the proven success and track record of our 3.5" Dump Pipe for the Evo 4-9, it was only natural that we moved on to look at what we could do for the Evo X and the 4B11T platform. 

We went to some of the top workshops in Australia that dealt with the 4B11T platform and found out what they liked and disliked about the current aftermarket dump / front pipes already available. After this, the goal was simple: design a solution that fit properly, was easy to install and work on, and most importantly, that out performed every other option on the market. 

First, we had a look at the existing aftermarket options and found that many were not designed for the RHD market. A common complaint was with fitment issues, either touching or being too close to the steering rack / shaft and causing damage to the rubbers and seals. 

After months of development and testing, we came to the design you see now. The unique ob-round shape of our dump pipe flows the equivalent area of a 4" pipe and also allows the dump to correctly clear the steering rack.

For ease of fitment, we made the dump pipe with a special 2 piece design. The upper and lower sections of the dump seal with a no leak, gasketless design, featuring a dual stepped recess with the internal step protruding further down following the gas flow. 

The bottom portion is threaded and designed to run studs, making it extremely easy to fit, not having to juggle nuts and bolts. 

We also did away with the “really hard bolt to get to” aka the "b*tch bolt". We created a sealed internal channel for a 115mm bolt to replace it and enter from outside of the dump instead of the dump coming over the top of the bolt. 


Provisions to run the OEM heat shield are retained for those running the OEM turbo manifold or our Stock Replacement Evo X Manifold. We even added a second mounting bolt hole so you can adjust the heatshield. 

An O2 sensor mount is place on the top side of the dump. This location can be accessed from the engine bay for dyno tuning or to easily add a wideband gauge. 

Moving on to the down and mid pipe section, we weren't satisfied with the existing 3" 2 bolt flanges commonly available and used on most systems. We wanted to design something that flowed better and that is worthy of the ARTEC name. 

The ARTEC cast 2 bolt flange features an 80mm internal diameter, where as typical 3" 2 bolt flanges max out at 73mm. The outer diameter of the flange measures in at 89mm which ensures a smooth transition from a 3.5" pipe.

The flange is compatible with regular 2 bolt flanges and allows simple bolt on installation with OEM catalytic converters and emissions equipment, while offering superior flow to every other Evo X design currently on the market. 

Two configurations will be made and are available to order:

Version 1 - Features our 3.5" dump pipe to 3.5" down pipe, ending with our cast 2 bolt flange. Version 1 will bolt up directly to systems running the factory catalytic converter - MSRP $1,350.00 incl. GST

Version 2 - Features our 3.5" dump pipe to 3.5" down pipe, however this time ending in a 3.5" v-band flange. This will join with the included 3.5" stainless mid pipe, exiting with our cast 2 bolt flange. Version 2 will bolt up directly to most, if not all, exisiting cat back systems for the Evo X - MSRP $1,600 incl. GST

We performed intial flow testing in house using multiple configurations of our dump / front pipe versus a common 3" aftermarket dump pipe and front pipe.

Flow comparison data shows that the Version 1 ARTEC Evo X 3.5" Dump and Front pipe flows double the amount of air versus the stock dump pipe and aftermarket 3" front pipe, a 100% increase from 500 CFM to 1000 CFM!

Our Version 2 Dump and Front pipe with the 3.5" stainless mid pipe attached performs just as well, reporting a flow rating of 890 CFM! Most of this loss compared to Version 1 can be associated with the increase in flow resistance due to the additional pipe length of the mid pipe and not any restriction with hte actual design as it is essentially a 3.5" straight through.

Interestingly, our Cast 80-89mm 2 Bolt Flange shows a 7% increase in flow over a traditional 3" 2 bolt flange (1000 CFM vs 935 CFM), and flows only 4% less than a 3.5" v-band flange (1000 CFM vs 1040 CFM). 

Before releasing anything, we wanted to not only perform flow testing in house, but correctly test all aspects of the Evo X and 4B11T platform to make sure our results were 100% accurate.

We worked with RP Motorsports in Sydney, the leading workshop in Australia specialising in the Evo X / RALLIART Lancer / 4B11T platform. Using our Evo X MR development car, RP Motorsports performed back to back dyno tests of our Evo X with an aftermarket 3" dump and front pipe, plus a high flow 4" catalytic converter versus our ARTEC Evo X 3.5" Dump and Front Pipe with cat delete

Our development car is fitted with a stock turbo on 98 RON pump fuel. Results from RP Motorsports testing showed up to a 20kW increase at the wheels at approximately 5,700 RPM and a healthy increase across the entire rev range.

Our Evo X MR development car is currently running an 11.8 second quarter mile. We think this is the quickest time for a full weight MR in the world when running a stock turbo on pump fuel!

View and buy the ARTEC Mitsubishi Evo X 4B11T 3.5" Dump and Front Pipe range here or contact your closest Pro-Dealer.